Eye in the sky

View every part of your project from any screen with a network connection, display up to full 4k resolution footage and switch between cameras instantly -- partnered with some of the top names in surveillance, such as Lilin, LTS, Eagle Eye Networks and several more.

The Office

Seamless applications for navigating through Camera angles, managed network storage, triple redundancy operated devices
- a view from our Austin Office

Control4 DSC

Having video surveillance offers many benefits to the everyday person. Not only protecting your home or business from Damages for Burglaries, but they even play a role in the work place, to better manage everything remotely.


This of course is in everyone's top reason for any sort of surveillance. Get every angle of your work environment and help with general safety and work flow.
Your employee's should feel protected in a safe establishment, with the site having Cameras on parking areas, entrances, exits, and other general areas of traffic.


Doing your best to secure your business will in turn make it cheaper to pay for insurance, this is due to your liability status. You're making sure there's no conflict or confusion of what occurred, which will make any insurance related disgruntle in your favor.

Workplace Supervision

Are your employee's spending time doing something other than their intended scope? You can't always be over their shoulders when you're off site. Take measures to drastically improve workflow and rest assured that everything is operating smoothly when you're absent.





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